Rounding the Horn


Our route “Rounding the Horn” & rotating the ship 360 degrees so all sides could view.

January 11, 2015 – We approach the southern-most land mass on earth excluding Antarctica… the Horn of South America. This is mid-summer down there, equivalent to our July. Outside of the near freezing temperatures, high winds, and at times turbulent┬áseas, it seams like a wonderful place to retire. Look at the pictures and see if you agree.

One surprise I had… Cape Horn is not on the mainland of South America. It’s an island, one of hundreds of islands that lie below the mainland. With the myriad of passages between islands, dead-end fjords, unfavorable winds and rocks above and below the surface, it’s no wonder this area was such a challenge for the early explorers in sailing ships. A number of them got so lost, they committed suicide.

The occassional picture off our TV on our “navigation channel” shows the GPS location of our ship where following pictures were taken.

Click first image to start slideshow… As you page through pictures, note captions that describe the trip.

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