Puerto Madryn, Argentina

Punta Tombo Penguin Rookery

PuertoMadrynArgentinaIt was about a 2 hour ride across the Patagonian plain from the port of Puerto Madryn to the Punta Tombo penguin rookery, the largest in South America. More than a half million Magellanic penguins arrive here every year to breed. They arrive¬†in September and stay till mid March. The babies are born in November, so our timing of early January was ideal for seeing the furry babies. At this protected reservation, you can see the critters up close and personal, but the rule is, they have the right of way. If one crosses the path in front of you, you must stop till it has made it across. If one insists on walking down the path, you can’t pass him.

Other critters share this land, including the vicugna (a Patagonian llama) and something that looks like an ostrich.

Penquins are clumsy and comical on land, but they can move like a bullet in water. In the first part of this video, watch for the penquin shooting through the water and making tight turns. Then view the slide show below.

Click first image to start slide show…


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