Ephesus Terrace Houses Quick Tour

Ephesus “Under the Roof”

This album is dedicated to a walking tour through the Terrace Houses of Ephesus. This topic deserves a discussion of its own, as I think you will see.

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3N0A7387From the time of Augustus, these dwellings of wealthy Ephesians were decorated with beautiful wall paintings and mosaics. The houses had lavish bedrooms, bathrooms, formal dining rooms, and kitchens with running water. Built against the hill at the southern edge of Ephesus, the roof of one house formed the terrace for the one above. Rising above street level and adjacent the majestic Library of Celsus, I can just see the real estate flyer for a house in this “neighborhood” …

“For those with discriminating taste, this Home in the desirable Terraces offers magnificent city views and splendid, luxurious living.”

These “condominiums” of unabashed opulence were home to Ephesus’s “rich and famous” until the 7th century AD. The incomparable experience of walking through the Terrace Houses lets you literally feel what society was like in the Bible days, when this city was one of the dominant centers of the world.


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