Ephesus City Ruins Quick Tour

The Ancient City of Ephesus

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Ephesus-LocatorWe encountered so much history on our Mediterranean cruise. The Acropolis in Athens was interesting, but the crowds made it hard to appreciate. I take nothing away from Pompeii, where a massive excavation has revealed its tragic history. But Ephesus takes the concept of an ancient city to a whole new level.

For one thing, Ephesus was founded around 1,400 BC, making it about 700 years older than Pompeii. Ephesus played a big role in the bible. In the New Testament era it was the fourth greatest city in the world, after Rome, Alexandria in Egypt and Antioch of Syria. The apostle Paul visited Ephesus on numerous occasions during his missionary travels. We had a private guide who referenced the Book of Acts frequently as we toured this ancient important city.

While it is now part of Turkey, Ephesus has been under the rule of the Greeks and Romans at various times. For awhile, it was even a self-governing city state before coming under Roman rule in 86 B.C.

This album is dedicated to an outside tour of the ruins. But a very large part of what made this tour so special was the “under the roof” tour of the Ephesus Terrace Houses, seen in this separate album.



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