Glacier Alley along the Beagle Channel

After leaving Ushuaia, we traveled west along Beagle Channel into Chile. The Beagle Channel is a narrow passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific that relatively small passenger ships (like us) can navigate. The highlight of the passage is “Glacier Alley.” Once again we lucked out in that the glaciers were on the starboard side where our cabin was, so we could watch from our own balcony.

It was cloudy and it was cold. But I could hardly tear myself away from our balcony rail. Getting pictures of these impressive glaciers that give a hint as to their size and magnificence would be hard in any case. But getting any kind of decent picture of a white and blue glacier against a steel gray sky was especially difficult. I hope a few of these illustrate why we were so much in awe as we passed by glacier after glacier.

The short video immediately below (while no work of art) may give a hint of what we were seeing, and my comments pretty much tell how impressed I was. The photos below video are my best effort to document the wonder of what we were seeing as we cruised by.

If any of this looks cold (and it was), remember this is mid-summer in South America, equivalent to our July.

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