Ancient Rome Quick Tour

Venice was the termination point for our cruise, but our trip was not over. After the cruise, our group of 4 couples split up. Two stayed in Venice; two (including Leigh and I) hopped a train for Rome, where we spent 3 days.

DSCN3332Our arrival in Rome started out on an ominous note. Rain! Lots of it, and it kept coming. That didn’t stop us from walking around, getting the lay of the land around our home base, the Daphne Inn B&B. Located 1 block from the Piazza Barberini, it was a great location within walking distance of the things we most wanted to see.

DSCN3333The first night we walked (umbrellas deployed) to a convenient market, bought some cold cuts and wine and had a light dinner right in our own private common area of the two-bedroom suite we shared with our friends, Dennis and Jane.

The next morning, our first full day in Rome, we were greeted with sunshine. Perfect weather for our plans to do “ancient Rome.”

The Quick Tour follows: Click first photo to start slideshow…


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